Craftsmanship + Technology



From custom fabricated bars to hand crafted cabinetry and commercial millwork, we do it all.


Bringing Concepts and Ideas to Life

Specialty Wood offers a wide array of custom millwork and fabrication services to ensure your project is handled in the best possible way. We focus on having ideas and services that exceed your requirements and those of your customer or client. From the beginnings of a design, to production, shipping, installation and the final punch list, we work through each segment of a project in a thorough manner in order to bring creations to life.

State of the Art Technology

In order to bring consistency to the products we create and further reduce waste, we rely on technology to create tight tolerances and specifications. CNC technology, also allows the unique ability to recreate any installation over and over again with these systems. This becomes important for multiple unit operations or in operations where operators are looking for overall consistency in their products.

Field Templates

Specialty Wood offers the unique ability to produce full size templates from a set of plans for use in the field by contractors or installers. These templates are used on the jobsite to eliminate potential problems that may arise during a normal installation process. Templates are an extra measure that insure proper space planning and verification of field conditions such as plumbing and electrical locations so that modifications can occur before fixtures are built, further eliminating additional costs at the expense of the owner or operator.

Full Service Production

We can produce individual and unique pieces or fixtures and reproduce them over and over again. Specialty Wood can create unique millwork heirloom pieces that stand the test of time. We do it all. From Foodservice & Hospitality custom cabinetry to display fixtures to dining room furniture, bar display cases, service custom cabinets and more, only your imagination is the limit.

Installation & Delivery

Specialty Wood offers coordinated site deliveries by either a Specialty Wood truck or via a freight carrier of your choice. We take extra care in packaging and sending our cabinetry throughout the country and abroad by securing “air ride” equipped trucks & trailers. Doing this further limits products being damaged when being shipped over extended distances. Our highly skilled installation team can work within your timing requirements, day or night. We can further coordinate your installation, source union installation crews and/or contractors as required.

Warranty & Repair

Specialty Wood stands behind everything we build. The components used in our custom cabinetry are the finest you’ll find in cabinet production and are far superior than the components many of our competitors use. These components combined with the use of the finest wood, laminates and finishes allow us to stand behind our work longer than other fabrication shops.

Environmentally Sensitive

We are always conscious of the materials and waste utilized throughout the construction process. We reduce waste by nesting and optimizing our part production with our CNC equipment and recycle whatever else we can for use on other jobs.

LEED Certification

If you’re looking for LEED qualified custom cabinetry and fixtures, we can produce these types of products in order to meet LEED Certification status.